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What should I pay attention to when operating the date inkjet printer? -

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-29
All machines have certain operating skills, as well as other things, and these skills are summed up by ourselves, which requires us to have a certain summative thinking, like the date cij printer is the same, although this is It can improve our printing speed, but it also has some better methods. These are some aspects that everyone needs to pay attention to. Next, I will share with you the precautions for the operation of the date inkjet industrial inkjet printer. Note 1: When using the food production date cij printer, you need to connect the power input first, and the gas tube should also be connected. The second is to set the heating time, timing time, and delivery time on the control panel. This needs to be adjusted according to the temperature you need. When the red light turns on, you can start working, indicating that the temperature has reached the setting. temperature.

Note 2: During the operation, you need to put the ribbon on the positioning frame and pull it between the roller and the rubber tube. If you are inching, you must first insert the foot switch, and then operate The switch is on the jog.

Note 3: Faced with the date cij printer does not print or the code is damaged or partially damaged after starting, we can adjust the coding temperature, or check the temperature when the coding is too high, etc. Reasonable regulation, there is also the adjustment of air filters and so on. The precautions for the operation of the date inkjet industrial inkjet printer have been told to everyone here. I hope that you can solve some of the more difficult problems by yourself, and then conduct professional methods to conduct reasonable adjustments to ensure the normal operation of the date inkjet printer. .
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