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What should I pay attention to when printing on a small character inkjet printer circuit board inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-24
are used in many fields today, with high technical requirements and good inkjet effect. For example, on the circuit board, there are many identifying characters and patterns, which are currently also completed by cij printers. So what should the circuit board cij printer pay attention to when printing on the circuit board? 1. Pay attention to the choice of ink

When using a circuit board inkjet printer to print on a circuit board, first of all, pay attention to the selection of ink. In order to meet today's increasing environmental protection requirements, printing on circuit boards should choose ring-grade inks, which usually need to meet the Rohs standard. . The second is the adhesion. Because after the circuit board is sprayed, there will still be many subsequent processing processes, such as board washing, welding, and contact with solvents, etc. The adhesion may be affected, so make more choices to avoid spraying. possible code problems.

2. Pay attention to the setting of the inkjet code. Generally, the inkjet code on the circuit board can achieve up to 8 lines of inkjet printing, and the speed is relatively fast. However, when printing the code, it must be set and adjusted according to the actual needs. Note that the design should be more compact, so that it can be more easily integrated into the production line. In addition, whether the printer is single-head or double-head nozzle selection, the printing method should also be considered in place, after all, it will directly affect the resolution. The printing of the circuit board inkjet printer requires high accuracy. It is recommended that comprehensive adjustments should be made in both the selection of ink and the setting of the inkjet to ensure the easy and smooth progress of the inkjet. The high-definition Leadtech Coding texture, the effect is also guaranteed, and the marking is better.
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