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What should I pay attention to when printing on a small character inkjet printer on a circuit board inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-30
are used in many fields nowadays, with high technical requirements and good inkjet coding effects. For example, there are many marking texts and patterns on circuit boards, which are currently also completed by cij printers. So what should the circuit board cij industrial inkjet printer pay attention to when printing on the circuit board? 1. Pay attention to the choice of ink

Use the circuit board cij printer to print on the circuit board. First of all, pay attention to the choice of ink. In order to meet the increasing demand for environmental protection today, ring-grade inks should be selected for printing on the circuit board, which usually needs to meet the Rohs standard. When choosing a supplier, you must look carefully to see if it is an environmentally-friendly ink. . The second is the adhesion situation. After the circuit board is coded, there will still be many subsequent processing processes, such as washing the board, soldering, and contact with solvents, etc., and the adhesion may be affected. Therefore, make more choices and avoid spraying. There may be a problem with the code.

2. Pay attention to the setting of inkjet code. Generally, the inkjet code on the circuit board can achieve up to 8 lines of inkjet printing, and the speed is relatively fast. However, it should be set and adjusted according to actual needs when inkjetting. . Note that the design should be compact, so that it can be more easily integrated into the production line. In addition, whether the inkjet printer is a single-head or double-head nozzle should also be considered in the printing method, after all, it will directly affect the resolution. The printing accuracy of the circuit board inkjet printer is very high. It is recommended that comprehensive adjustments should be made in both the ink selection and the coding setting to ensure the easy and smooth printing of the code, so as to provide more The high-definition inkjet texture, the effect is also guaranteed, and it is more indicative.
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