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What should I pay attention to when purchasing a handheld inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-03
The handheld cij printer experienced a blowout growth in 2019, and the growth momentum in 2020 is slow and moderate. With the gradual increase in the number of handheld inkjet printer users, many problems have begun to be exposed, and many models purchased cheaply cannot be used. In normal use, there are constant small problems and many problems, the printing effect is discounted, the software functions are not complete, and many problems occur. 1. When purchasing a handheld cij printer, first of all, it is necessary to fully consider whether it is applicable. According to the characteristics of the products produced by our own company, when selecting the motor type of the marking equipment, we first look at the inkjet printing effect. The small character inkjet printer is a relatively common model. The printing effect is a dot matrix font style. The height of the content information is between 1.3 mm and 15 mm, and the drying speed of black ink is generally 0.4 seconds. It has good adhesion and can form a clear mark with saturation on plastic and stainless steel products. The hand-held cij printer is different. The hand-held printer is suitable for Leadtech Coding on some relatively standard product surfaces and surfaces with good adhesion (such as paper cartons and some plastic material surfaces). At the same time, the hand-held machine needs to manually perform the coding, and the height of the printed content can reach 12.6 mm. Through the above introduction to the common small space characters and the simple application features and functions of the handheld, you will definitely have some preliminary selection directions. Take some common food and beverage industries to analyze. On food packaging bags, food boxes, mineral water bottles, and beverage bottle caps, most of them use small space characters or laser inkjet printers. Only in some outer packaging wooden boxes , The outer packaging carton will be applied to the handheld. There are also some decorative building materials and cable and wire industries, which are also widely used in small character inkjet printers. High speed and online Leadtech Coding software are the core advantages of small space characters, and they are also scenarios that cannot be used by handhelds. In addition, there are some hardware, mechanical and electronic components, pcb\pcb circuit boards, mobile phone electronic components processing, manufacturing enterprises, and hand-held devices that cannot be used. The root cause is its volume and function, as well as adhesion and some extended functions. restrictions triggered. 2. Based on the principle of hand-held inkjet printer, speed becomes a core index value. In the automation technology sign industry, intelligent production lines have become popularized, and more and more jobs have begun to focus on reducing labor and improving productivity. Online game production and online game work have become mainstream processing and manufacturing methods. The requirements are getting higher and higher, and the functional configuration of communication protocol, communication serial port, remote operation, variable barcode, and variable two-dimensional code picture has also become the mainstream configuration, but some foreign brands do not have these functions, and you need to pay attention to the configuration details when purchasing . In some imported brand hand-held cij printers, such as the nozzles of HP HP printer ink cartridges, the working speed is generally 35m/min. If the software compatibility mode is good and the response speed is fast, the highest inkjet copying can be achieved at about 45m/mln. Speed, when some manufacturers buy sign equipment, they must make compatible choices based on the speed of their own production lines. If a handheld machine is selected on a high-speed production line, it is time-consuming and laborious. In the end, it is necessary to re-select other types of equipment, which is a waste. time. 3. When buying a handheld, not only should pay attention to the brand, but also pay attention to the high cost performance. In 2018, the iterative update of handheld devices was relatively fast, and the update degree of application functions was gradually accelerated. Imported brands could no longer monopolize the domestic handheld sign equipment market, and there were more and more manufacturers and distributors of similar products. Many new and old users are worried In terms of how to find a reliable and stable hand-held inkjet marking equipment, it is necessary to understand many aspects and spend a lot of time and energy to search and consult everywhere, which reduces the efficiency of purchase and increases the economic cost. The manufacturer has entered the marking equipment industry since 2004, from the agency of imported brand inkjet printers in the early stage, to the research and development, production and manufacture of own brand cij printers, has always been to solve user marking difficulties, optimize customer experience, improve high efficiency, Controlling cost is the core value, improving the level of product automation technology and intelligent system is our responsibility, and constantly meeting the changing and improving logo needs of customers. From the early time, production batch number, expiration date, serial number, corporate logo pattern and other simple content signs, to the upgrade and change of communication online games, variable barcodes, variable two-dimensional code pictures, anti-counterfeiting signs, etc., the market has always been in a state of In the midst of changes, we are also required to develop and innovate the handsets we manufacture, from hardware configuration to software and after-sales service to keep pace with the times, so as not to be eliminated by the industry. In general, what we need to pay attention to when buying a handheld inkjet printer today, the review summary is quality, performance, cost-effective, after-sales service, each powerful, durable, and feature-rich handheld machine, not only It must have high-quality and high-quality technical characteristics, and at the same time allow us to provide high-quality cost-effective, as well as convenient and guaranteed after-sales service, so as to truly play a positive role in word-of-mouth marketing and enhance the overall strength of the product market.

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