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What should I pay attention to when the inkjet printer prints the code on the mask?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-31
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a sharp rise in the demand for face masks. Knowing how to accurately code masks is critical for manufacturers. Different types of masks have different Leadtech Coding requirements. Let's take a look at the things that the cij printer needs to pay attention to when printing on masks. 1. Different masks, different requirements There are three types of masks: ordinary masks, surgical masks and N95 masks. Ordinary masks, such as daily protective masks, dust masks, etc., are mainly used for private daily use and can be sold without labels (only the packaging needs to be labeled).

Surgical masks and N95 masks are different. Both must comply with certain standards, such as ISO and EN. It is stipulated that masks must carry specific logos, such as ISO numbers and 'CE' logos. Also note the filtration level of the mask, such as FFP1, N95 or KN95.

In order to meet current legal requirements, medical mask packaging must carry a CE mark after a conformity assessment procedure to confirm compliance with DIN EN 14683. requirements for N95 masks When manufacturing N95 masks, they must comply with the EU Personal Protective Equipment Regulation (2016/425) and the particle filtration standard EN 149. Knowledge must be permanent and easily recognizable. 2. Safety Masks are used for protection. Ink is used for coding. The choice of ink is critical as the ink may come into contact with the wearer. 3. Fuzzy logos are invalid. The mask coding production line usually runs at high speed, and the masks are coded before they are die-cut into the final style. This process means that the masks go through many subsequent production steps after they are coded. If the ink does not dry, there is a risk of contamination of the logo. Fast drying inks are recommended to prevent the risk of contamination. 4. The quality of the logo also implies the quality of the mask. It is undeniable that end users will associate poor logo quality with poor mask quality. It is best to use high-resolution Leadtech Coding, especially when printing logos, with inks that have high contrast and lightfastness. 5. Which coding technology is right for you? Thermal Foaming (TIJ) technology is particularly suitable for coding requirements in mask production. Continuous ink jet (CIJ) technology is another option for mask coding. Thermal-foaming cij printers print high-contrast, durable logos quickly and can be used in space-constrained production environments.
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