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What should I pay attention to when using coding equipment?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-07
The coding device is a device that is controlled by software and uses a non-contact method to mark the product. What do you need to pay attention to when using coding equipment? Next, let's talk about the inkjet printer. 1. The cij printer is different from other equipment. Its principle is to rely on electrostatic deflection, so it must be well grounded. If the grounding is not good, the accumulation of static electricity to a certain extent may cause sparks and fire. At the same time, if the grounding is poor, it may be possible Causes problems such as poor print quality and poor ink dot splitting. Therefore, the printer must be grounded. 2. As we all know, water has conductive properties in most cases. Therefore, the ink, solvent, and cleaning fluid of the printer should not be mixed with water. The cij printer needs to accurately charge the ink dots. Therefore, inkjet printer ink is particularly sensitive to moisture. In the process of use, we must pay attention to prevent fires. Any used cleaning materials, such as wipes used for cleaning, are a fire hazard. These materials must be recycled in time after use and treated in a safe way. Do not extinguish with water. If the fire caused by electrical appliances can only be extinguished with water, such as nitrocellulose ink, the power must be disconnected. 3. The ink and solvent of the inkjet printer are corrosive, so try to avoid staining your skin, eyes, nose, etc. If you accidentally drip, please quickly rinse with a lot of water for a quarter of an hour, if you feel uncomfortable after cleaning Seek medical attention urgently. Most inks contain ingredients that are easily volatilized and are inhaled into the lungs. Therefore, good ventilation equipment must be ensured at the site where the printer is used. The above is the main points of the inkjet printer for everyone in this issue. If you have anything else you want to know, you can go to the inkjet printer official website http:/// leave a message and tell the editor.
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