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What should I pay attention to when using ink and other inkjet printer consumables?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-30
1. The ink and solvent of the inkjet printer consumables are corrosive, try to avoid touching the skin. The following measures must be taken for safe use: 1. Most inkjet industrial inkjet printer inks contain ingredients that are easily volatilized and are inhaled into the lungs. Good ventilation must be ensured. 2. If dripping into the eyes accidentally, please quickly rinse with plenty of water for more than 10 minutes. If you feel unwell after washing, seek medical attention. 3. The fuse of the industrial inkjet printer is burned out. Please be sure to replace the fuse with the same specification. It is best to contact the supplier for repair. 4. In large-scale electrical equipment companies such as cable factories, UPS should be prepared for uninterrupted power supply to prevent unstable operation of the inkjet industrial inkjet printer. 5. The printer is deflected by static electricity, so it must be well grounded. If the grounding is not good, the accumulation of static electricity to a certain extent may cause a fire, and may also cause problems such as poor ink dot splitting and poor printing quality. 2. Most inkjet printer consumables use ketone-based or alcohol-based ink, mostly acetone, alcohol and other cleaning fluids. Pay attention to the following points when using: 1. Any used cleaning material is a fire hazard. For example, paper towels used for wiping must be recycled and disposed of safely after use. 2. consumables are flammable and explosive, so be careful to prevent fires during use. 3. The ink of the cij printer contains nitrocellulose as a binder, which is very flammable when dry, and oxygen is generated when it is burned. Therefore, it is better to use cooling methods for fire extinguishing. For example, water is a better choice. 4. Do not use water to extinguish fires caused by electrical appliances. If you must use water to extinguish fires such as nitrocellulose ink, you must disconnect the power supply.
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