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What should I pay attention to when using the inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-09


It is very difficult to maintain the inkjet printer if it fails, so in order not to affect the work efficiency, we must clarify the precautions of the machine in our daily work. The key points are:

1. Check the ink and solvent levels at all times, and fill them in time if they are found to be lower than the normal working values.

2. Pay attention to the viscosity of the ink. The viscosity is closely related to whether the inkjet can be used or not, which has a very serious impact on whether the machine can be used normally.

3. Pay attention to the shelf life of the ink, because the ink is a chemical with a relatively precise composition, so it will have a certain period of use, so you should pay attention to using it within the required date when purchasing.

4. Regularly clean the nozzle of the machine and the filter screen of the fan. In the process of long-term use, dirt will be generated, and timely cleaning can ensure the life of the machine.

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