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What should I pay attention to when using the printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-16
We all know that cij printers have been favored in many industries, such as beverage and food packaging, fiber optic cables, etc., cij printers are also a relatively sophisticated machine, so what do we need to pay attention to when using cij printers? ? 1. The correct operation method of the cij printer 1. When the cij printer is moved, it must be handled gently and moved slowly. After the inkjet printer is powered on, do not unplug the cij printer when it is electrified. Line of sprinklers. 2. If the inkjet printer adopts the side spray method, then you need to apply some cleaning fluid to the print head first after starting the next day, but if there is a white line in the ink sprayed on the white paper by the print head, then operate The person needs to squeeze the ink ribbon again. 3. If the inkjet printer adopts the downward spraying method, what everyone needs to remember here is that the position and direction of the nozzle cannot be changed before the handle screw is completely loosened, because this will cause fixation The print head is not good, thus affecting the quality of printing. 2. Safety during the use of the inkjet printer 1. The materials used in the fireproof inkjet printer are mostly alcohol-based ink or ketone-based, so the operator must pay attention to fire prevention during use. 2. The ink and solvent used in the anticorrosive inkjet printer are highly corrosive, so be sure not to stain the skin, eyes, and nose when using it. The above are the matters needing attention and safety when using the inkjet printer. Before using the printer, be sure to understand or read the instructions carefully.
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