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What should the lithium battery inkjet printer pay attention to when printing

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-20

What matters should be paid attention to when printing codes with lithium battery cij printers? Let’s follow the technical staff of Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. to find out:

1. Observe whether the conveyor belt of the lithium battery inkjet printer is shaking or slanting. If necessary, repair and correct the inkjet printer. Code equipment.

2. Lithium battery coding operators cannot hold more than 5 batteries each time.

3. The alarm light of the lithium battery printer flashes to indicate that the external communication abnormality can be ignored, and other alarms cannot be started normally.

4. After the coding is completed or during holidays, you need to close the ink line and close the printer's display screen.

5. If any abnormality occurs during the coding process of the lithium battery, notify the PE to deal with it, and cannot adjust the machine or disassemble the equipment privately.

6. Lithium battery coding operators cannot keep long fingernails to prevent their fingernails from being scratched when they are in contact with the battery core. It is forbidden to fold up the corners of the airbag to prevent the corners from being damaged.

7. The distance between the batteries placed on the conveyor belt of the lithium battery cij printer is at least 30 mm.

8. Clean the conveyor belt and confirm the model and code of the printed lithium battery cell.

9. Lithium battery cij printers are only allowed to be operated by PE personnel, technicians, quality personnel or designated personnel. Without the consent of the engineer, the internal data may not be modified.

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