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What the jewelry industry choose laser marking machine is better?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-06

with the application of laser marking machine in various industries, are also increasingly prominent feature of its advantages, there are a number of industries in the tag on the processing of choose laser marking machine. It recently there are many businessmen to jewelry industry consulting about the jewelry industry should choose what kind of laser marking more suitable opportunity. We all know that the jewelry industry belongs to the high-end market of a commodity, jewelry mostly use the precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, diamond, both modelling and value as a starting point, so it is also very high to the requirement of manufacture craft. Laser marking machine as advanced processing equipment, number of jewelry processing manufacturers because of its unique advantages to become the first choice, many will recommend users to use the laser optical fiber laser marking machine, but this time, tong yi to say not fiber but is better than fiber marking effect of ultraviolet laser marking machine.

a jewelry industry, why need laser marking machine?

jewelry now generally refers to precious metal processing of rings, necklaces, bracelets and so on a series of ornaments, if in accordance with the previous method on jewelry engraving is very difficult, and carved handwriting is very 'ugly', it is important to artificial carving cost is also higher. And jewelry carving jewelry laser marking machine not only can easily, and it also can be carved patterns, the effect is very significant, also can save the high artificial cost cost, improve production efficiency, and better protect the integrity of the jewelry products.

2, why the effect of ultraviolet laser marking machine is better than fiber laser marking machine?

on the market at present most of the manufacturers for the jewelry on label will be recommended to use optical fiber laser marking machine, optical fiber can also be used on jewelry, indeed its play mark effect also is very good, but relative to the ultraviolet, fiber laser marking machine is still insufficient. Ultraviolet laser marking machine as a universal laser equipment, whether it's on the performance of the equipment or play mark effect is very good. Ultraviolet laser and called cold light, laser focused spot diameter smaller, marking the effect is more sophisticated, all kinds of uv absorption rate is high, the narrow pulse width of laser material and processing time is short, small heat effect, marking effect is more beautiful, and very much in jewelry, jewelry high-end grade of atmospheric effects

3, ultraviolet jewelry laser marking machine has the advantage of? Minimum 1, ultraviolet laser heat affected area, will not produce thermal effect, won't produce material burning problem; Mark speed, high efficiency; The machine performance is stable, small size, low power consumption advantages. 2, ultraviolet laser focused spot very small, and the processing of heat affected zone is small, thus it can be for ultra fine marking, marking, special material, the opposing effects have higher request customers preferred products. 3, ultraviolet laser in addition to the copper quality, suitable for processing of materials more widely. 4, ultraviolet laser is not only good beam quality, focused spot smaller, can achieve hyperfine markers; The broader scope of application.

4, summarizes what has been discussed above can be learned: jewelry laser marking machine is mainly applied on the surface of jewelry marks carved fine pattern and structure, with the brightness of the gold and silver to achieve more perfect overall design, common in surface carved flowers, animals, and all sorts of beautiful design. The emergence of the laser marking machine, solve the disadvantages of the human carving strokes and the failure rate, more able to supply the needs of society, is a jewelry jewelry processors. For use in jewelry industry, laser marking machine equipment is more, the customer according to their own actual situation to select models.

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