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What to do if the printer high pressure failure (cause)

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-29

is a kind of equipment that is controlled by software and uses non-contact method to mark the product. Generally, it refers to inkjet coding using inkjet technology. equipment. The common high-voltage failures of printers are actually the safety pre-warning function of the equipment itself, and the printer system will report this warning when it detects an abnormality or leakage in the high-voltage field.

When the continuous inkjet (small character) cij printer is working, the charged ink is deflected by the high-voltage field of the high-voltage deflection plate of the nozzle, and the target product moves to form Bitmap font.

When ink or other objects hit any one of the plates of the high-voltage deflection plate, the absolute value of the two plates will be unequal; once the two The absolute value of the board voltage is not the same, it will cause the high-voltage fault warning of the printer.

Troubleshooting methods for printer high-pressure faults:

①Ink dots cannot be printed without high pressure

Use a universal meter tool to check whether the circuit board to the positive and negative plates is normal. If the circuit is normal and the cause of dampness is ruled out, the circuit board may be damaged and need to be replaced; if the circuit is not working, connect the route That's it.

②Insufficient high voltage, lack of characters at the bottom of the coding

Check whether the positive and negative plates are short-circuited due to dirt, if there is dirt Clean the positive and negative plates; if the positive and negative plates are clean and free of stains, it may be that the positive and negative plates are damp or the high-voltage resistance of the nozzle is damp and the high voltage is insufficient. Shrink tube.

③The high pressure sensor is too sensitive

After excluding other factors, if the printers produced by some manufacturers often have high pressure The fault warning may be caused by the high-pressure sensor being too sensitive. It is recommended to contact the professional engineer of the printer manufacturer for repair in time.

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