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What to pay attention to when choosing a laser marking machine manufacturer

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-06

Now when people buy items, they usually choose cost-effective products, because cost-effective products are not only affordable, but also have guaranteed quality. So, when we choose a laser marking machine manufacturer, how to choose a cost-effective product? Today, I will introduce to you what to pay attention to when choosing a laser marking machine manufacturer.

1. To choose a laser marking machine manufacturer with formal qualifications, it is best to have more than ten years of industry experience. Because the equipment quality, spare parts and equipment performance of such laser marking machine manufacturers are very high-quality, and in terms of technology, after-sales services are also included, a company can stand in this industry for more than ten years without decay. It shows that the products of this company are still very competitive, which is also a recognition of this company by customers.

2. Look at the brand of the laser. When you understand laser marking machine manufacturers, you should focus on their products, that is, laser marking machines. Look at the power of the equipment. Generally, the higher the power, the higher the price. For laser marking machines The choice of power needs to consider the marking thickness, material, marking speed and production capacity requirements. In addition, you also need to look at the brand of the laser, because the laser is the most important optical component of the laser marking machine, and the price of the laser varies greatly with the brand. There are domestic and imported lasers. Generally, imported lasers are better in beam quality and stability.

When choosing a laser marking machine manufacturer, you need to pay attention to the above two aspects. One is to look at the scale, qualification and reputation of the manufacturer. The other thing is to focus on the products. Generally, the products of high-quality laser marking machine manufacturers are good, and they are guaranteed in terms of quality and after-sales.

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