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What to pay attention to when using small character inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-17
We all know that many things need to be paid attention to when working with small-character cij printers in order to prevent the printer from malfunctioning and loss. Then, what should be paid attention to when using small-character cij printers? Below, the linx inkjet printer engineer made the following introduction for you. 1. If the working environment of the indoor equipment is not very good, the dust can easily enter the main ink cartridge and then the auxiliary ink cartridge, and then enter the ink system of the cij printer, which will affect the printing effect of the inkjet printer and shorten the service life of the cij printer. 2. The nozzle part of the spray gun surface of the small character inkjet printer cannot rub against any objects, and the fine hair is easy to hang on the nozzle surface. Cause clogging and dripping, thereby affecting the coding effect. Therefore, it is very important to strictly follow the requirements. 3. The nozzle of the small character inkjet printer must be cleaned before shutting down and power off. Use the cleaning function to clean the ink system, which can ensure the nozzle condition and coding quality, and also extend the service life of the inkjet printer to a certain extent.
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