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What to wear in the New Year? Enterprise annual meeting t-shirts know -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-14
Have today, but each has today. New Year will have a new vigor, of course, need from & other; Garment & throughout; To start. New Year, 2020, the year of the rat in order to meet the New Year, friends together custom t-shirts and year of the rat bonanza fleece, business dinners, annual meeting, group clothing can choose different groups, such as the year of the rat as t-shirts custom design elements. Unified the annual meeting of the clothing, boost morale, propaganda enterprise must! Annual meeting t-shirts custom is the most important is the pattern design, how to design to both aesthetic and creative, at the same time also can promote the enterprise best, this is the question about which need designers have a headache. 1. Bottom unlined upper garment to choose customize a fleece, first is to pay attention to the choice bottom unlined upper garment, who lint into three kinds, including hooded fleece, round collar fleece, zip fleece, depending on the season, also can choose thin and thick cloth with soft nap of paragraph. Pure cotton fabrics, feel is good, quality of a material also look good, it's not easy pilling. On wearing very comfortable, very soft, at the same time also very absorb sweat! Very suitable for be the first choice of the custom clothing. 2. Pattern choice is the soul of a custom fleece, pictures don't have much request, but the original will have better print effect. Such as the use of textile laser printing machine fuzzy figure photos printed directly on the fleece, the effect of print will relatively vague. But if is Gao Qingyuan diagram, then print out even human hair can clear print! This is the importance of image! Choose good pictures, set the size of the print is ok, don't need you to be familiar with computer, how to play the P chart, easily done! 3. Technology choice if only custom single words, monochrome, the number of requirements is more, you can choose silk screen printing process; If you need embroidery logo, can choose embroidery machine! Yes, machine is not human! Now without artificial hard for half a month time went out a few high-quality goods, the machine can be done step! A point? If need to customize the small batch, the high-quality goods design and logo customization, can consider to digital jet printing. The use of digital jet printing laser printing machine can print two pieces of clothes at the same time truly, only 2 & lsquo; 40 ' ‘ ! ! ! Batch jobs, no problem! ! ! Than screen printing environmental protection not only, and practical than embroidery. A printed, no color type many restrictions, no plate-making, tinted, registration. Textile is not only environmentally friendly water-based ink, and can achieve grade photo laser printing machine effect, can print color gradients and complex patterns. The printing effect is clear, than silk screen printing and thermal transfer printing process customization is more exquisite patterns.
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