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What type of printer is suitable for steel pipe coding? -Inkjet printer manufacturers-how much is the price of the inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-17

In industrial production and life, there are many new products appearing and producing, but traditional industries and materials still have their unique charm and function, and they often occupy an important position in use, and the frequency and probability of use are also very high. Traditional materials like steel are very common in our industrial life. For the production and marking of steel pipes, cij printer manufacturers have more industry experience. Today, I will share with you the online Leadtech Coding and manual assignment of steel pipe cij printers. There are two ways to code, I hope it will be helpful for you to choose a printer.

The online marking of steel pipes can be done with an ink jet printer. When the speed requirement is high, it is quite appropriate to use an ink jet printer (both large character jet printers and small character jet printers) to complete, because the ink The printer will complete the coding process in a non-contact way. The marking carrier is mainly the special ink that can be used in the steel industry. These have been strictly tested and tested. When used on steel materials, they can perfectly resist daily wear and wiping, and withstand our daily production, transportation and The external force damage in the use environment gives full play to the important role of the marking of the cij printer, and finally realizes the real value of the marking. For the manual coding of steel pipes, the technology recommends purchasing a portable handheld large-character inkjet printer. The printing height of 2-6cm can fully meet the marking needs of the steel pipe industry. The on-demand inkjet technology reduces the use of the machine. The failure rate in the middle, the portable steel pipe inkjet printer is more suitable for large-scale steel pipe, steel plate and other industries.
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