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What types of date inkjet printers can be used?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-30

There are many kinds of inkjet printers in use now, and the investment of inkjet printers in the production activities of enterprises will be more efficient and complete the printing work faster. There are a lot of content that can be printed by the inkjet printer, which is classified according to the content of the inkjet printing. The date inkjet printer that prints the production date is the date inkjet printer, which can better identify the date printed on the product packaging. What type of date inkjet industrial inkjet printer should be used?

The date inkjet printer can use ink equipment, that is, use the small character inkjet printer to complete the date inkjet printing. The small character inkjet printer is the most commonly used cij printer, which is controlled by computer software. It ejects ink onto the surface of the product to be printed. After the ink dries, the required logo is formed. Ink inkjet printers for date inkjet printing are relatively good, and good inkjet printing results can be obtained on the surface of paper, metal, wood and other materials. If you are printing the date on the surface of a large product, you can choose a large-character inkjet printer or a high-resolution inkjet printer. There is no problem with ink-type equipment for date inkjet printers, in addition to laser-type inkjet equipment.

Laser coding is to burn the surface of the printed object with a laser at high temperature, forming a date mark on the surface. Laser jet printing is more cost-effective than ink jet printing. It does not need to add ink or other solvents, and there will be no ink clogging. It can be used normally. Laser printing does not produce chemical substances harmful to the human body and the environment, and is a safe and environmentally friendly coding equipment. The laser printing machine can also print on the surface of any material, and the date of the print will be kept for a long time without falling off. Which equipment is good for date inkjet printer? The cij printers listed above can be selected, and the specific type of equipment to be selected should be determined according to the actual printing needs of the manufacturer.

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