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What types of QR codes can UV QR code printers print?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-27

What types of QR codes can UV QR code printers print? Under normal circumstances, the '' brand QC1 series thermal foaming cij printers and Q series UV cij printers under the automation support more than 10 types of barcodes, including the common and mainstream DM codes and QR codes.

Data Matrix is u200bu200bformerly known as Data code. It is often used in electronic components more DATA MATRIX type two-dimensional code. The appearance of the Data Matrix two-dimensional barcode is composed of many small squares. Square or rectangular symbols can be divided into two types: ECC000-140 and ECC200. It was invented by Americans and is mainly used in product labels that need to be exported or circulated internationally.

The other is the QR code. The QRCode is square and has only two colors. In 3 of the 4 corners, a small square pattern like the word 'Back' is printed. The advantage of this is that it is convenient When we scan 360 degrees, we can easily identify it and achieve the purpose of rapid identification. It was invented by the Japanese and is mainly used in China, Japan, South Korea and other places.

There are many brands of variable UV two-dimensional code inkjet printers. What are the differences and what should be paid attention to?

The main working principle is still the same. Most of the brand series models are mainly in details, such as machine structure layout, software operation and use methods, and there will be various brand characteristics and familyization. feature.

1. The coding rules are different; different brands will have different coding rules, and there will be differences in information transmission. When purchasing UV QR code cij printers of different brands, we need to obtain more Technical support, such as coding rules, communication protocols, etc., in order to facilitate later information transmission, generate variable QR codes to provide technical support guarantees.

2. The speed and installation method will be different; most UV two-dimensional code inkjet printers are more used in printing factories to achieve online high-speed inkjet printing on some labels, roll films, and flexible packaging materials The code and speed will be very different. Different technical requirements have great differences for on-site installation, and the requirements for non-standard brackets are also different. Manufacturers need to conduct on-site measurements to provide post-design and installation services.

3. The association requirements are different; when assigning codes to two-dimensional codes, Leadtech Coding rules are often customized in consideration of the interrelated needs of each product. At this time, we need to understand the Leadtech Coding and non-spraying How to establish a multi-level packaging relationship, such as bag-box-box, QR code association system, can be customized according to customer needs to improve product quality control.

4. Differences in the depth of later applications; including the work efficiency of the automated coding platform and the depth of the retrospective marketing application in product circulation, and whether the server supports big data collection and analysis. There are problems that need to be solved urgently. According to the customer's code scanning situation, after the data is uploaded, there will be a big data analysis system, which can allow enterprises to have a deeper understanding of product market dynamics.

identification suggests that customers can also choose a coding platform for auxiliary processing and coding, giving each product a different, random, encrypted and bound unique identity code to achieve one item, one code, and at the same time can A two-dimensional code assignment detection system is installed on the production line.

With the detection and rejection device for high-quality product coding, the QR code coding detection system generates codes online and performs real-time online coding at a certain speed at high speed to ensure no missing codes/duplicate codes/residuals The mobile phone application is 100% readable, correlates product cans/bottles/boxes, collects consumption data, establishes a brand marketing database, and realizes QR code marketing, consumption analysis, and product flow query purposes through big data analysis.

Variable two-dimensional code cij printer equipment brand recommendation: Q90 UV inkjet printer

UV variable data printing system is based on micro piezoelectric The high-resolution UV printing system developed by technology has all the independent intellectual property rights and a number of innovative technologies, which can print high-quality variable text, data, images and various types of variable 1D/2D codes with various platforms. Each UV can be connected to 1-16 printing units, with the characteristics of printing multiple sets of variable data and variable graphics at the same time, becoming your most cost-effective solution for digital printing, packaging printing and other industries.

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