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What types of small character inkjet printer inks are there?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-24

Small character inkjet printers need to use ink as a printing medium. Different inkjet printer manufacturers will develop inks that meet the needs of their own brand inkjet printers, which are generally composed of solvents, dyes or pigments, resins, conductive materials, stabilizers, etc. The commonly used types of inkjet printer inks are water-based inks, oil-based inks, UV-curable inks, water-based UV inks and high-temperature inks. Let's take a look at the ink of the small character cij printer.

ink is a common consumable used in inkjet printers. Different cij printers have their own ink models and classification methods. Different types of inks also have differences in physical and chemical technical parameters, so different brands of ink. inks are not interchangeable. The main types of inkjet printer ink are: 1. The water-based ink is distributed by water-based resin and can be diluted with water. It is characterized by stable ink properties, no organic solvent, which can reduce solvent volatilization, prevent air pollution, do not affect human health, and is not easy to burn. Attributable to environmentally friendly ink. Water-based inks are mostly used in food, medicine, beverages, packaging and printing industries, etc. 2. Oil-based ink, also known as solvent-based ink, refers to ink that is not easily soluble in water, but soluble in organic solvents. Oil-based ink can be printed on absorbing surface and non-absorbing surface. It is not easy to fade after printing. It is characterized by high ink viscosity, fast drying, water resistance, softness and good light resistance. The ink is more economical and cost effective when used. Oil-based inks are mostly used for metal, plastic, wood, aluminum foil, cardboard boxes and building materials. 3. UV-curable ink is a kind of ink that uses UV light of different wavelengths and different energies to make the ink film and dry under UV irradiation. UV-curable ink has better mechanical and chemical functions, and is characterized by no solvent. The drying speed is fast, the energy consumption is low, the Leadtech Coding content is glossy and strong, the color is bright, water-resistant, solvent-resistant, self-scratching and abrasion-resistant, and is mostly used for high-resolution, high-speed printing. 4. Water-based UV inks are UV inks with water and ethanol as diluents. Such water-based UV inks are more environmentally friendly. However, due to technical constraints, most of the water-based UV inks need to be diluted with reactive diluents. Long-term touch affects health and has certain pollution to the environment. 5. High temperature ink Ordinary ink will produce physical or chemical changes at about 100 ° C, while high temperature ink is resistant to high temperature, it is not easy to fade in high temperature environment, the gloss of the code is good, and the environmental protection certification is qualified. It is mostly used for glass and soldering. and other occupations that have undergone high temperature environments.
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