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What you should know about small character inkjet printers!

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-10

In the era of logos, everyone is no stranger to inkjet printers. As we all know, inkjet printers are controlled by software and used non-contact methods on products.

Identified device. In layman's terms, it is to improve the recognition of the product by spraying words or patterns on the outer packaging of the product, such as a food ingredient, or a cosmetic formula. In order to tell everyone that the product does not contain toxic substances such as carcinogens, manufacturers will use inkjet printers to mark the specific ingredients. This is the inkjet printer that we are familiar with. can be divided into large-character cij printers, small-character cij printers, and high-definition inkjet printers according to their purpose. Today, the editor tells you something about small-character inkjet printers. You should


Things I know!

The small character inkjet printer is what we often call the continuous inkjet printer or CIJ inkjet printer. The following editor will introduce to you through the following three points Small character inkjet printer.

1. Working principle

Under pressure, the ink enters the spray gun. The spray gun is equipped with a crystal oscillator. Through vibration, After the ink is ejected, a fixed interval dot is formed. Through the processing of the CPU and the phase tracking

, some ink dots passing through the charging electrode are charged with different electric cores. Under the high-voltage magnetic field of several thousand volts, different deviations occur, and the nozzles fly out and fall on the moving product table

, forming a dot matrix, thereby forming text, numbers or graphics .

Second, product features

The nozzle of the small character inkjet printer can be automatically cleaned, which ensures that the nozzle is Continuously shutting down and restarting the production line can still maintain a smooth and unblocked state, so that the high-speed printing meets the high-speed production line environment. In addition, the non-contact printing method ensures that even if it is The printing effect on uneven and arc surface.

3. Application scope

Application of small character inkjet printer The field is very wide, such as the printing of card barcodes, the printing of production dates on cosmetics, the printing of cards, the printing of carton characters, and the printing of pattern signs. Printing, two-dimensional code printing, etc., the most characteristic of which is that the small character inkjet printer can also spray on the eggs to improve the recognition of the eggs.

Through the introduction of small character inkjet printers in the above editor, I believe everyone has a certain understanding of small character inkjet printers. If you need to buy small character cij printers Machine, you can

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