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Where to do laser marking laser lettering processing?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-19

Recently, the editor received a consultation from a marking customer on the Internet. He wanted to play a USB flash drive, but no one could help him after running a lot of places. He did not know where there is such a marking and engraving processing. Physical store?

In fact, Wuhan Marking Co., Ltd. can provide laser marking and lettering processing services, although we are a professional manufacturer of laser marking machines, laser welding machines, and laser cutting machines. company, but in order to meet the marking needs of some customers, we also provide laser marking and laser engraving services.

This friend who marked the USB flash drive, came to us for ten minutes, and soon marked it, the effect I am also very satisfied, but if there are friends who want to come over, they need to contact us in advance, because it is only simple to mark numbers or letters, and you can come directly. If it is some complex patterns, the customer needs to prepare the marking design in advance. Figure, temporarily does not provide marking pattern design services.

Laser marking and engraving processing range: laser engraving processing; gift laser marking; label nameplate laser engraving; hardware laser engraving; non-standard parts laser processing; stainless steel laser engraving ;Aluminum alloy laser typing;Laser processing;Laser engraving processing;IC laser engraving;Electronic components laser engraving;Laser engraving after aluminum blackening;Iron laser typing;Laser processing;Hardware tools laser engraving.

Our company address is in Gezhouba Sun City, No. 40, Gaoxin 4th Road, Donghu High-tech Development Zone, Wuhan City. Welcome to inquire: 18071022830, contact person: Ms. Xu.

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