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Which accessories of imported laser marking machine need frequent maintenance?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-22

With the continuous improvement of the use time of the laser marking machine, some of the components belong to the wear-and-tear category. Generally, such components must be replaced on time, otherwise all the equipment will not be able to work normally. . For example, there will be a reflective lens on the laser cutting plotter. This spectacle lens will cause certain damage with the increase of use time. Therefore, the spectacle lens should be replaced on time, otherwise it will endanger the actual effect of the laser cutting plotter. A piece of laser marking machine equipment costs tens of thousands of yuan or even hundreds of thousands of yuan, so it must be paid attention to in actual operation, and usually pay attention to maintenance and maintenance of laser marking machine spare parts to improve the service life of the machine and equipment. Save costs and create higher equity. Which parts of the laser marking machine need frequent maintenance?

The galvanometer of the laser marking machine does not move

1. The galvanic mirror of the laser marking machine does not move, or an orientation is not When moving, it is necessary to check whether the XY status display lights of the galvanometer are all normal, check whether the wiring of the galvanometer is loose, check whether the power supply system of the galvanometer power transformer is normal, and check whether the output data signal of the galvanometer on the USB main control board is normal. .

Centrifugal fan cleaning

2. Centrifugal fan cleaning: The long-term application of the centrifugal fan will cause a lot of solid dust to accumulate in the centrifugal fan, making the centrifugal fan very noisy and unfavorable. Exhaust pipe and deodorization.

The field mirror of the laser marking machine

3. The field mirror of the laser marking machine must be removed on time, because it is outside and there will be dust in the bottom of the marking. Long-term failure to remove a layer of ash on the spectacle lenses will endanger the light quality of the laser marking machine, and the spectacle lenses may be damaged in severe cases. Which parts of the laser chiller laser marking machine need frequent maintenance?

4. Different well-known brands have different laser chillers, but if the laser chiller is found to be alarming, the laser marking machine cannot be used, because the laser generator cannot be started under the alarm condition Yes, the alarms of the laser chiller are mainly the total flow alarm and the high pressure alarm of the refrigeration compressor. When an alarm occurs, you should first check whether the chiller of the laser marking machine is under pressure, mainly to check whether the water outlet of the chiller is working. The pressure is all normal. If there is no total flow, then the centrifugal pump of the chiller may be broken or the working pressure is insufficient. On the contrary, the flow control valve of the chiller is damaged. We will repair and solve common faults according to the specific situation.

Each start

5. Check whether there is any sign of looseness in part of the water channel connection and whether there is water seepage. If water seeps, quickly press and hold the emergency stop button to start overhaul.

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