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Which brand of inkjet printer is easy to use

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-28

have been developed in China for more than 20 years and have undergone tremendous changes. Many domestic independent brands have developed under the background of priority landing of imported brands, and the domestic market has become more and more mature. There are hundreds of opinions on the applications, scenarios and cases, and prices of different cij printers. Today, the editor will share with you how to think about which brand of cij printer is easy to use.

First, let's talk about the current development status of inkjet printers. Imported brands have captured the high-end industrial logo application of inkjet printers. Many well-known food, beverage, electronics, auto parts and pharmaceutical companies are using inkjet printers. As a durable industrial product, its service life is generally about 10 years.

Although the homogeneity of equipment is more serious, our long-term development, use and sensory awareness of brand cij printers imported from China have allowed many different customers to produce lines in the factory. When adding or building a new factory system, the first thing I think of is the imported machine I have used before.

Especially for some more complex application scenarios, involving some automation, visual inspection, high precision requirements, high ink quality requirements, often imported brand cij printer manufacturers In this field, it has more precipitation and more research and development, so although it is more expensive in the market, it still cannot shake its position.

Secondly, what is the standard for the quality of the printer? So which brand of inkjet printer is easy to use?

When the working principle is basically the same, the comparison is its design development ability, Ru0026D innovation ability, and actual teaching. The issue of application maturity, the core of an inkjet printer consists of two aspects: ink circuit system and circuit control system, how to judge the quality of the enterprise?

The first thing is to look at its hardware selection. Open the lid of the printer. We can see ink tanks, pressure pumps, solenoid valves, venturi modules, high pressure modules, various filters and pipelines. Every detail here is very critical, which will affect the long-term stable operation of inkjet printers.

At the software level, each company has its own operating characteristics, functions and characteristics. These characteristics require a lot of time to develop and target certain industries, such as cable manufacturing. The printer has special instrument functions, as well as the instrument maintenance function when the printer fails, and after the printer returns to normal, continue to press the actual instrument number and continue to code.

In summary, the criteria for judging the quality of inkjet printers have been very clear. The first is whether the stability and reliability can meet expectations; the second is whether the adaptability of the software function application scenarios can meet the current production needs.

Seeing here, I believe everyone has a certain judgment on which brand of inkjet printer is easy to use. Of course, price is also one of the factors considered, and this is related to inkjet printer manufacturers. Whether the actual operating system is more difficult, whether the after-sales response is timely, whether there are many alternative possibilities in the development of use management, etc., if multiple inkjet printer brands can be realized, then we must make a more comprehensive approach Analyzed.
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