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Which brand of laser marking machine is better to use?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-21

Which brand of laser marking machine is better to use? The laser editor will analyze it on behalf of everyone:

The core component of the laser marking machine is the laser. Because there are many kinds of lasers, there are also many kinds of laser marking machines. There are fiber laser marking machines for metals and some non-metals; there are co2 laser marking machines for non-metals (wood, glass, leather, acrylic); there are also UV laser marking machines that require fine marking.

The fiber laser produced by Wuhan Raycus Laser ranks second in the world, but the price is much lower than that of the German IPG laser; the second is the galvanometer, and the best domestic one is Beijing Jinhaichuang; there are also field mirrors and boards , power system, computer, etc. General brand manufacturers choose high-quality accessories, plus their own manufacturers' technology and after-sales service. For example, Han's Laser in the south is very powerful in China. If it is not bad, it will definitely buy them. But the price is twice that of ordinary manufacturers; for ordinary enterprises and home users, you have to make a good choice. From the year of operation of the company, the number of years of Alibaba Integrity Pass, word of mouth, etc.

The well-known laser marking machine manufacturers in the country generally use lasers produced by others, even Han's Laser, For such a large laser equipment company, there are not many manufacturers of lasers developed by them. Our laser marking machine manufacturers are still used to using those manufacturers that specialize in the production of lasers. In China, most customers pay attention to brand reputation. In fact, the price of the brand name is higher, the use effect is the same, and the cost performance is not high, but we think it is more reliable in terms of warranty. We are afraid that the sales service will not be able to keep up with the cost-effectiveness of the less famous. After all, the investment in the laser marking machine is also tens of thousands. The specific choice is still up to you. If you can't choose, you can learn about it from the surrounding area. As a laser marking machine manufacturer, we cannot recommend it accurately for you. We think it is a more reasonable choice to buy a cost-effective laser marking machine.

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