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Which industries can large-character inkjet printers be used for?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-02

Printing equipment such as cij printers are now commonly used. In production activities, the use of inkjet printers will improve production efficiency and print quality. There are various types of inkjet printers currently in use, and suitable equipment can be selected according to actual coding needs. Large-character inkjet printer is a commonly used inkjet equipment. In what industries can it be used?

The large-character inkjet printer is a device for printing large fonts compared to the small-character cij printer. For sprinklers with several points, there are several independent valves to control the size of the printed fonts. Generally speaking, the printed fonts are large, which is suitable for large workpieces, such as thick water pipes, asbestos boards, and heat insulation boards. . It can also be used on large outer boxes or outer packaging. The printing font is large and eye-catching, which corresponds to the size of the object to be printed, ensuring that the printed logo is clear and recognizable. In which industries is the application of large-character inkjet printers for printing large fonts? Large-character cij printers can be widely used in building materials, electronics, printing and other industries. Large-character inkjet printers are used to ensure that the surface of products that require large font printing can be printed with corresponding information.

In fact, the scope of application of inkjet printing equipment is wide. Large-character inkjet printers can print large fonts, as long as they are on the surface of a large workpiece. The difference between the large character inkjet printer and the small character inkjet printer lies in the different font sizes for printing. The large character inkjet printer is also an ink type inkjet printer. It adopts ink printing technology and uses non-contact printing. The surface of the product forms a dot matrix to form the required logo. If you want to know which industries and fields the large-character inkjet printer can be used in, you can find out if you consult a professional inkjet printer manufacturer or sales company, buy good-quality equipment and use it to ensure the quality of inkjet printing.

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