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Which industries can the small character inkjet printer technology be applied to?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-29
Because food, beverages, tobacco and other products are closely related to the day, the packaging materials have relatively high requirements for cleanliness. Because the laser machine does not use ink for marking, it can ensure the cleanliness of the product and the production environment. Therefore, the use of laser marking technology on packaging materials has received great attention. Recently, the S200B marking laser printing machine for PET raw materials was launched. Now the laser printing machine companies on the market can provide marking plans for PET surface materials, but because the PET data itself is relatively transparent, when the laser is hit on it and cannot change color, the effect is not significant and it is more difficult to identify. The S200B cross-line laser printing machine combines the 'blue tube skills' with the laser printer to make the coded color white, presenting a crystal texture, and the effect is obvious and clear.  Plastic pipes The plastic pipe industry has many products, including drainage pipe grooves, aluminum-plastic pipes, composite pipes and rubber hoses. In the meantime, some pipes are permanently exposed to high temperature and high heat environment, requiring their own labeling to have strong resistance to sunlight and high temperature environments, that is, to ensure the durability of the label. In addition, the high extrusion rate of plastic pipes also requires that the coding speed can be synchronized, while the small pipes require sensitive and sophisticated coding skills cooperation.
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