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Which is the cheapest price of the special inkjet printer for eggs?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-02

If you want to print the logo on the object, you can use the inkjet printer to complete the print. The inkjet printer is controlled by computer software, and it is a device that uses non-contact method to print marks on the object to be printed. Nowadays, inkjet printers are needed in the production industry. can be classified by printing marks on different objects. What is the price of an egg special inkjet printer for printing marks on eggs?

Which inkjet printer should I use to print production date, batch number, etc. on eggs? The inkjet printers that can achieve printing effects include small character inkjet printers, large character inkjet printers, high resolution inkjet printers and laser inkjet printers. These types of inkjet printers are the most common in the cij printer market today, and they are divided into inks. Class and laser class. Ink-type inkjet printers print ink, and the nozzles eject ink droplets onto the surface of the printed object to form a dot matrix to form a mark. The laser type inkjet printer does not use ink and solvent, does not consume materials, and saves costs. The price of special inkjet printers for eggs is different due to different printing types. According to the market situation, the price of special cij printers for eggs is more expensive than laser cij printers, which can print on different materials such as metal, wood, paper, etc. , Can achieve good printing results. Laser jet printing saves production costs, greatly improves production efficiency, is powerful, easy to operate, and naturally expensive.

Large character cij printers and high resolution inkjet printers are used for printing on large workpieces. The printed fonts are large and are not suitable for printing logos on eggs, so only lasers and small characters are available . These two types of inkjet printers are priced differently in the market, and the price depends on the equipment material and printing technology, and more importantly, the quality affects the price. There are many factors influencing the price of egg-specific inkjet printers. Buying cheap inkjet printers can be selected according to the price.

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