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Which laser marking machines can be applied to plastic products

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-12

Plastic products are a large category of products that are closely related to our lives, and are also an important part of non-metals. Laser marking of plastics in non-metals has been very extensive. Many plastics have absorbability for lasers. Plastic products are mostly used in automobile manufacturing, equipment nameplate information, and daily necessities.

The wide application of plastics affects our daily life, and then manufacturers will in order to improve the brand influence of their products, but also to promote brand promotion, users' use Experience, but also in order to facilitate the use of downstream products, the production date, logo, patent number, company name, parameters, designation name, serial number and other information will be clearly and beautifully marked on the label of plastic products.

In order to display clear, beautiful text or UV laser images at the mark, special marking equipment, such as plastic Laser marking machine or cij printer. The working principle of the inkjet device and the use of materials limit its development. The inkjet itself has problems such as high pollution, high consumption, high failure, and high maintenance, which limit its application range. For example, in the field of food, it needs to be used with caution. . At present, the most widely used laser marking machine is not only environmentally friendly but also has no material consumption. It is only necessary to perform daily maintenance on the laser marking machine on a regular basis. The time is once a week. For workshops with poor environment, it is recommended that after each use of marking Can be maintained and cleaned, let's talk about how to maintain and clean the laser marking machine.

It is necessary to ensure the air circulation around the laser marking machine to avoid the equipment heating due to overheating of the marking machine;

Do not move the equipment being marked, so as not to damage the service life of the equipment;

When the laser marking machine fails, The power supply should be cut off first, for fear that there is a problem with the power switch, unstable voltage or excessive current will damage the laser and other equipment; now the laser marking machines for marking plastics mainly include fiber laser marking machines, CO2 laser marking machines and ultraviolet laser marking machines These three categories can cover almost all plastic products marking and engraving.

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