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Which manufacturer of laser marking machine is good

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-02

Many new users will search the Internet when they buy a marking machine: Which manufacturer of laser marking machine is good? Which laser marking machine should be selected and so on. First look at the website to see if it is a live website, the age of the domain name, the age of Alibaba Credit Pass, etc. Depending on the user's product material, printing format size, depth, whether to achieve automatic laser marking and other issues, not one marking machine can meet all the needs of users.

Laser marking machine manufacturers provide users with laser equipment technology, pictures and new information for a long time, share new knowledge, and provide users with a good training and learning platform, laser marking machine manufacturers All the technical information given is shared with you based on years of experience in marketing and actual use of equipment. Of course, the core technical information related to the survival and development of the enterprise should be said to be the business secret of the enterprise, and it can only be inconvenient to the outside world in the way of business secrets. Shared announcement, if you are interested in the laser equipment of laser marking machine, you can get in touch with our marketing and technical department, we can provide users with good production solutions in terms of after-sales service, and we will provide you with some equipment below Pictures, technical parameters, quotations and descriptions.

Laser marking machine equipment type:

Fiber laser marking machine: wavelength 1064nm, focusing on marking processing of metal materials and most opaque non-metallic materials, with maintenance-free , The body is simple and the marking quality is high. It is the preferred type of marking equipment for metal material processing manufacturers. The market price is generally around 20,000 to 40,000 yuan. Different uses require different configurations and power. normal.

CO2 laser marking machine: wavelength 10640nm, focusing on non-metal marking (wood, transparent glass, transparent acrylic, fruit, Plastics, etc.), the most application is the marking processing of plastic materials. There are metal RF tubes and glass RF tubes. The former is maintenance-free and the price is higher. The market price of co2 laser marking machines is generally 20,000-50,000. Metal RF tube prices will increase.

3. Ultraviolet laser marking machine: wide application range, wavelength 355nm, cold light, small heating area, not easy to deform. It is used for high-end precision marking, most of which are used for non-metal marking machines, with high performance, high-end marking effect, and relatively high price. Most users use this type of equipment, often used for circuit boards, cosmetic packaging and other high-end products. Precision marking industry.

All online quotations of laser marking machine manufacturers are standard prices. Since the equipment is a non-standard product, the actual price is subject to the manufacturer's quotation at the time of purchase. It is recommended that you purchase marking equipment. Or consider the actual Ru0026D and production capacity of the manufacturer. Our slogan is 'Insist on integrity, Z strive for excellence' and after-sales service quality is the main focus. Users are welcome to call for details. Laser 16 years of laser equipment has been tested, and more than 100 precision assembly processes have been tested for laser marking, which can be used for three years. At the same time, the peninsula area can provide: non-standard automatic laser marking machine research and development manufacturers, and externally provide: high-difficulty laser marking processing services. Address: No. 107, Yanyang Road, Chengyang District, Tel: 18663960188 17660995317 WeChat same number.

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