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Which metal materials is the co2 carbon dioxide laser marking machine suitable for?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-25

I believe many people know that the co2 carbon dioxide laser marking machine is more suitable for most non-metals. It can be said that most of the non-metals we see in daily life can be marked with the co2 carbon dioxide laser marking machine, such as Plastic bags, wood and glass can all be beat. The oxygen dioxide laser marking machine is also suitable for a small number of metal materials, so what materials do you know? Friends who may know it can list a lot. The following laser editor lists some metal materials that can be marked by carbon dioxide laser marking machines for friends who have not yet known it. I hope it can help everyone.

Co2 carbon dioxide laser marking machine is suitable for metal material principle:

Co2 laser of 50-200W is usually used for marking on metal. There are two types of marking: surface melting and non-surface melting. In non-surface melting, when the material is heated by a focused laser beam, a discolored mark is formed by surface oxidation; while in surface melting, the laser irradiation energy needs to be increased to melt the surface of the metal material, and the molten metal resolidifies to form the mark . The type of mark formed is determined by factors such as the laser energy input, the type of shielding gas being marked, and the material used.

Applicable metal materials: mild steel, stainless steel, inconel, titanium, bare aluminum, red copper and brass, etc.

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