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Which operation will affect the service life of the printer? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-20
Affect the quality of the service life of the printer is not only the printer itself, but also in the correct use according to the requirement of the user. In today's rapid development of printing industry, why the machine damage larger usually is caused by improper use. In order to everyone can effectively avoid similar mistakes, small make up today will explain what operation can affect the service life of the laser printing machine! 1. To adjust the printer nozzle. Some of the machine is not very good friend because may use is not smooth, simple think that adjust the nozzle can solve, but each printer nozzle is already adjusted, not easily change, is corresponding to each other, if forced to change, will only damage the nozzle and damage the machine! 2. Frequent switching circuit. For machine kind thing, frequent switching power supply or frequent power outages are likely to lead to the machine short circuit or open circuit, more even burn out circuit board! 3. Improper cleaning nozzle or not according to the requirements cleaning nozzle. Usually after buying a laser printing machine, will have a syringe distribution, some friends may not sure what this is, in fact this is a time when clean the nozzle. to print nozzle holes are tiny, so when cleaning draws on the syringe will be injected into the shower nozzle cleaning fluid. Clean the nozzle as follows, The situation of the normal ink plug nozzle, for example) : the first step: conventional cleaning method: through the way of positive pressure cleaning ink and wipe the nozzle, the second step: the simple cleaning method: using special cleaning fluid cleaning fluid nozzle, will jam or inclined spray nozzle cleaning; Notice, had better use on the machine cleaning fluid cleaning function of the standard, if not, can be obtained by manual for injection syringe cleaning, efforts should be appropriate. Step 3: mild cleaning method: adopt the second step is simple and easy cleaning method will shower clean, then touch the non-woven on the nozzle surface cleaning fluid, 12 - 24 hours. Step 4: the depth of the cleaning method: using the second step is simple and easy cleaning method will shower clean, and also clean the nozzle surface, and then through the syringe slight smoke, repeated several times, until the cleaning fluid injection, until all the nozzle jet is normal. 4. The ink and the machine does not match. Take the UV ink, for instance, the characteristics of UV ink is easy with light solidification, as everybody knows, UV printer refill tube usually black, in order to avoid the UV ink refill tube in solidification, the refill tube not unobstructed, and nozzle clogging, the machine can't normal use. The loom is usually white refill tube, if use UV ink in the loom, the result is of course a nozzle clogging, out! So everybody is buying machine when it is best to use the company with good special ink! 5. Not carried out in accordance with the requirements for machine maintenance and check often. Machines in use after a period of time, you need the necessary inspections of the whole machine, the machine again good, also can have wear, often check can find problems in time, timely rectification, so as to avoid big problem happen! As a company dedicated to research and development manufacturer of digital printing equipment more than ten years, the printer's each link strict control, the appearance of the printer, performance, quality is guaranteed! Is the small make up some of the views above, want to know the UV flat-panel printers, friends, please leave a message or contact us!
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