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Which printer manufacturer is better?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-21
It can be said that the current machines are more and more satisfying people’s needs, and there are many machines on the market, so when people make corresponding choices, they will encounter many problems. So, just I have been hesitant, and then I will share some details with you about: Which cij printer manufacturer is better, I hope I can gain something for everyone. 1. The Leadtech T280B cij printer adopts a dual-pump power system. This machine has an independent ink circuit design, as well as the cleaning function of nozzles, spray guns, and recovery tanks, which can ensure that the equipment is not blocked during operation. There is no blockage during the shutdown period. And it is suitable for modern high-productivity assembly lines. Designed for product identification in harsh environments for a long time, with excellent performance, it fully meets customer's printing requirements-high-speed, clear production batch number, production date and other information, and provides a variety of printing effects. 2. These brands of cij printers greatly meet the special requirements of users for printing methods. They can directly mix and edit and print a variety of dot matrix text graphics, and can also edit and print anti-counterfeiting patterns by themselves, which can be imported through the RS232\USB interface Graphic printing. The closed loop ink circulation system reduces contact with outside air, which also effectively prevents ink contamination. 3. Use the automatic cleaning function, which has a relatively independent ink circuit cleaning design, and the automatic ink circuit, nozzle, spray gun (cavity), recovery tank cleaning function, automatic cleaning on the switch machine, and effectively prevent clogging to the greatest extent. Will not cause waste of consumables. In terms of language, Chinese and English can choose interface operation, built-in Chinese character library, common graphics, etc., fast information input, editing, storage, and recall. Simple and practical.  4. The performance in use is also reliable and stable, which is mainly ensured by the stable printing quality, the most advanced ink drop positioning, and phase tracking detection and adjustment technology. The main components are imported to enhance reliability. Regarding which Shanghai inkjet printer manufacturer is better, I will share it with you in detail. I hope that when making the corresponding choices, you need to pay attention to some relevant precautions, make the corresponding choices according to your own needs, and make yourself clear. The purpose of this, so that you will not regret your choice.
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