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Which type of inkjet printer is better for food packaging bags?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-02

The function of the inkjet printer is very powerful. It is used for printing product identification. The use of such equipment is indispensable in today's production activities. can be used in different industries, and the coding needs of different industries are different, and the equipment to choose to use is different. Which one is better for food packaging bag cij printer? How to use the inkjet printer safely to achieve good printing results?

Food packaging bags are used for packaging food. The food production date, manufacturer’s name and address must be printed on the bag. Ink-type cij printers and laser-type cij printers can be used. Achieve printing logo. However, ink-type cij printers need to add ink or solvent for printing, and the ink path system of the inkjet printer is required to transport the ink and spray it on the printed package through the nozzle without direct contact. The printed ink forms a dot matrix, etc. After the ink dries, it will present the required text, numbers and other content, which takes time. The laser printing machine to print is to burn the surface of the bag at high temperature by the laser to form a mark. The food packaging bag inkjet printer chooses the laser type and does not consume materials, saves costs, and greatly improves the printing efficiency, which is suitable for the production needs of modern enterprises.

The important thing is that laser printing does not produce chemical substances harmful to the environment and the human body, and meets the national safety and health production standards. This is an ideal coding equipment. The laser-jet printed logo has a long-term retention period, does not fall off the logo, and is easy to identify. If it is an ink jet printer, it may be possible that over time, the ink will fall off and it will affect the recognition. The use of laser coding is very simple, strong in operability, and meets the requirements for food safety production. The food packaging bag inkjet printer selects the laser inkjet type, and the inkjet printer is used in strict accordance with the instructions for use, and there will be no problems.

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