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Why can handheld inkjet printers be widely used in the food industry?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-11
Careful consumers may find that almost all food packaging bags are printed with barcodes, production dates, and other basic information, which are printed using handheld inkjet printers. The high-quality hand-held cij printer prints patterns and handwriting very clearly, no matter how small the font is, there will be no blurring of the strokes. Now let the manufacturer introduce why the handheld inkjet printer can be widely used in the food industry. 1. Intelligent and higher hand-held inkjet printers are designed with advanced concepts, which can automatically identify the type of ink contained in the ink cartridge, and automatically determine the printing parameters suitable for this ink, which can reduce the operation steps of the staff. In this way, not only can the entire coding process time be saved, but also some errors caused by manual operation can be avoided. 2. The content of coding that can improve management quality usually includes information such as food production shifts, dates, and barcodes. After using a handheld printer to print these information on food packaging materials, they cannot be wiped and modified. Therefore, once there is a problem with a batch of products, the person in charge of the enterprise can trace the responsibility based on the printing information, thereby effectively improving the management quality of the enterprise in terms of production. 3. The quality of food will not be damaged. For food, its quality is very important. Every link in the production process must not allow food to be contaminated, otherwise, the image of the company will be damaged after the food is sold. . The hand-held inkjet printer will not cause damage to the packaging materials during use, so it will not touch the food when coding, so that the quality and safety of the food can be effectively guaranteed. This is the main reason why handheld inkjet printers can be widely used in the food industry. For companies, quality control is the top priority in the production process, and the use of high-quality and durable hand-held cij printers can help companies improve management quality, and can effectively protect the production brand of food, so all food companies are Willing to use a handheld printer. The above is the description of the handheld cij printer, I hope it will be helpful to you, if you have anything else you want to know, please go to the official website of the inkjet equipment Co., Ltd.: http://
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