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Why can the laser marking machine print a variety of colors?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-23

If you want to buy laser equipment, the editor here recommends - Guangzhou Lianda Laser Technology Co., Ltd. This company is a professional manufacturer of intelligent laser equipment, proficient in product manufacturing and software development, with a large number of optical, mechanical and electrical professionals, can provide customers with laser equipment with stable and reliable quality and diversified functions. Next, let the editor say: Why can the laser marking machine print a variety of colors?

In fact, ordinary laser marking cannot produce color effects, mainly because it recognizes the effect by the depth generated by the instantaneous vaporization of the surface of the material caused by the high temperature generated by the laser focusing. In the laser marking machine, there is a color laser marking machine. The main reason is that multiple laser paths are used to act on the same area and different laser parameters are set to obtain a surface diffraction grating. So lasers for such applications must also be capable of a wide range of frequencies, speeds, powers, spacing settings, focal lengths, and more. However, due to the immature technology and high price of color laser marking technology, it has not formed a climate in industrial production. I believe that in the near future, the color laser marking machine will take everyone to a colorful world.

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