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Why choose CO2 laser marking machine for leather wood printing, laser tells you

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-02

Leather wood printing is a typical application case of CO2 laser marking machine. With the development of society and changes in aesthetics, people's fashion concepts are constantly changing, and the demand and love for leather personalized printing products are also growing. Laser marking technology is constantly evolving, making leather wood printing no longer a problem. A high-precision, high-speed CO2 laser marking machine is sufficient to meet such personalized consumer needs.

Common leather varieties are pvc leather, cow leather, soft leather, synthetic leather, pu leather. In the production process of printing leather with CO2 laser marking machine, the power percentage should be adjusted according to the softness and hardness of the leather material. Generally speaking, lower power is often used for softer leather materials to meet the needs of flexibility. For harder leather materials, the percentage of power is generally increased to increase the wear resistance of the surface. Of course, the same is true for wood. reason.

The traditional printing process in the leather and wood industry is screen printing instead of co2 laser marking, but silk screen printing is common. The board is troublesome and expensive, and the transition color is unnatural. Large-scale leather printing machines are expensive and have high requirements for the leather material itself. Thermal transfer will destroy the leather material and cause varying degrees of damage to the surface properties of the leather. The co2 laser marking machine does not require any consumables, saves costs, and permanently marks, solves the above problems, and makes leather printing more convenient and expressive according to personality.

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