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Why choose tube and cable laser printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-01

In today's social environment that pays more attention to safe production, any industry has a label printing link for product production. Printing labels for products is for product identification and better management of product quality for traceability. Different industries use different printers because of different printing needs. Tube and cable laser printers are used in the cable industry for tube identification printing.

The cij printers on the market are not only laser type, ink type inkjet printers are also very popular in the market, small character cij printer, large character cij industrial inkjet printer and high resolution inkjet industrial inkjet printer They are all commonly used, why not choose these to use? Ink-type inkjet printers need to prepare ink and solvent during use. Add these to spray ink through nozzles when running in the equipment, and form the required marks on the surface of the printed cable and pipe. As the use of ink and solvent increases consumables, the problem of clogging of the nozzle part also needs to be solved. In comparison, the tube and cable laser printing machine does not use ink and solvent, saves more consumables, and reduces costs for enterprises. Enterprises will naturally choose this type of cij industrial inkjet printer to complete the printing work.

Laser cij printers actually have many benefits. First of all, laser inkjet printing is that the printed logo has high definition, will not fall off and last for a long time, so it has good anti-counterfeiting performance. The marking retention of ink jet printers cannot be compared with laser jet coding. In addition, laser coding is very intelligent, computer software control, equipment automatic printing, saving manpower, and greatly improving printing efficiency. The use of pipe and cable laser printers in production does not produce chemical substances harmful to the human body and the environment, and is a very safe coding equipment.

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