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Why do inkjet printer manufacturers recommend using original inkjet printer consumables?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-08-02

1. The inkjet printer ink production process is very strict. The inkjet printer manufacturer provides the corresponding type of ink according to the performance of the inkjet printer and the material to be printed to ensure the safe and stable operation of the inkjet printer. When choosing ink, you should choose the original ink provided by the printer manufacturer, or the inkjet printer ink approved by the printer manufacturer. The general-purpose consumables on the market, ordinary manufacturers can not meet the standard of the original ink. Second, the solvent is specially used with the cij printer ink according to the characteristics of the ink. The original solvent can keep the ink of the inkjet printer good stability. The ink of the inkjet printer needs to be charged and printed by the deflection force of the electric field. The solvent of the inkjet printer can ensure that the ink has good electrical conductivity. Alternative solvents may damage the printer and cause the printer to fail to boot properly.

The ink of the inkjet printer directly affects the stability of the inkjet printer. Unqualified ink will cause the blockage of the inkjet printer, poor inkjet printing, and ink path failure, etc., which may seriously cause the printer to malfunction. At present, too many low-quality inks produced in workshops are mixed into the market, attracting customers with 'low prices'. When the machine breaks down or is scrapped, they don't care. This has caused a sharp increase in the failure rate of the factory's cij printers, resulting in more Downtime accidents greatly increase the cost of use and even the overhaul of the machine. Therefore, it is recommended that manufacturers use original consumables as much as possible, or high-quality alternative consumables with quality assurance.

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