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Why do OCB circuit board manufacturers choose to use laser coding machines?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-26

In recent years, laser marking machines have been widely used in the marking technology of circuit boards and PCBs. In order to continuously improve the yield rate and product quality of electronic products, circuit board manufacturers have used laser marking machine equipment to mark the circuit boards. Raw material procurement, production process and process, product batch, manufacturer, production date, product destination and other information will automatically generate a QR code, which will be automatically marked on the surface of the PCB/FPCB by laser to achieve product quality control and traceability.

PCB laser marking

Laser PCB board laser marking is compared with screen printing (meaning that the screen is used as the plate base, and through the photosensitive plate making method, it is made with Graphic screen printing plate), laser PCB board marking has better accuracy and flexibility, can make up for the lack of silk screen processing, greatly improve production efficiency and yield, reduce costs and reduce pollution.

Laser marking processing, as a high-tech means of marking processing, has incomparable advantages over traditional processing methods. Different from traditional processing methods, laser processing uses high-energy-density laser Partially irradiating the workpiece, causing the surface material to vaporize or undergo a chemical reaction that changes color, thereby leaving permanent marks as a marking method. Laser marking can print various characters, symbols and patterns, etc., and the character size can range from millimeters to micrometers. This can effectively prevent counterfeiting of products. For the current PCB industry, it is undoubtedly not one of the best processing solutions. Whether it is processing fineness, processing efficiency, and processing effect, it fully meets the needs of current PCB marking processing.

It has been widely used in many fields such as digital products, wearable devices, automotive circuit boards and so on.

Why do the QR code marking of circuit boards choose to use laser marking?

PCB UV laser marking machine

So, How to choose a suitable laser marking machine for the manufacturer's QR code marking of circuit boards? Everyone is pursuing high cost performance, and it must be that both applicability and price are considered in place. Here, Bot Laser has sorted out the following points for your reference.

1. First look at the laser equipment manufacturers in the sub-sectors, focusing on the laser equipment manufacturers in the circuit board industry, with rich experience in landing, more efficient and fast for you to choose models .

2. Look at the marking efficiency, because this directly affects the product processing capacity and labor time cost.

3. Look at the processing methods and functions, because different equipment, tools, automation, and positioning function modules are different.

After the above three points, find a high-quality laser marking machine brand for cooperation, so that laser marking can be better used on PCB circuit boards. Today, QR code can be automatically generated from raw material procurement, production process and process, product batch, manufacturer, production date, product destination and other information, and automatically engraved on the surface of PCB by laser, greatly improving production efficiency and saving labor costs for you .

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