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Why do small character inkjet printers need to add thinner?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-25

Everyone knows that the ink of the large character inkjet printer does not need to add thinner, why does the ink of the small character inkjet printer need to add thinner? Small character cij printer manufacturers talk about the reasons why small character cij printers need to add thinner. The thinner is usually also called the inkjet printer solvent. As the basic solvent for the ink of the small character cij printer, it can dilute the ink and dilute the ink to the standard viscosity set by the small character inkjet printer. The ink is automatically completed in the ink mixing tank. Dilution, the small character inkjet printer uses a viscosity detector to determine whether to add ink or diluent.

Only when the viscosity of the ink of the inkjet printer is within the range set by the machine, the charging of the ink, the flying distance of the ink dots will not deviate, and the printing effect can be guaranteed. The inkjet printer adds diluent because the small print printer is based on the principle of continuous ink supply. The ink of standard viscosity is in contact with the atmosphere during the circulation process, and the solvent in the ink continues to volatilize, resulting in a gradual increase in the viscosity of the ink. It affects the charging of the ink dots and directly affects the flying distance of the ink dots, and the printing effect has errors. Therefore, when the small-character inkjet printer detects that the ink viscosity is abnormal, the machine will automatically add diluent to ensure that the ink in the mixing tank maintains a standard viscosity value and ensure the quality of inkjet printing.

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