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Why do the nozzles of the inkjet printer need to be cleaned?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-08-01

As a professional cij printer manufacturer, the technology has been focusing on the inkjet marking industry for 20 years. During these years, we have provided customers in various industries with inkjet marking solutions, inkjet equipment installation and after-sales maintenance and other services. Some customers will also ask why imported brand cij printers (including small character, microcharacter and ink cij printers of various colors) also need to be cleaned? Why is the nozzle still dirty?

In the details of the maintenance of the inkjet printer, the technology has summarized the operation principle of the machine equipment. The principle of the inkjet printer is that the ink circuit and the circuit work together, and the ink flows to the nozzle through the ink tank, pressure pump, solenoid valve, filter, nozzle, etc. The ink lines are formed, and the ink lines are split into individual ink dots one by one in the charging tank.

Complete cycle: In the case of no ink jet, the ink is directly into the recovery tank, and then returned to the ink tank. During inkjet, ink dots will fly out from between the high-voltage deflection plates, forming characters and icons on the surface of the product.

There are two main reasons why the nozzle is dirty:

1. In the process of turning on and off, the pressure is high when the ink just flew out of the nozzle, which will cause ink residue on the surface of the nozzle; during the process of ink recovery and automatic cleaning during shutdown, a part of the ink will remain on the external deflector plate. .

2. The other is that in the process of use, after a long time of use, there will be different degrees of garbage residue on the surface of the nozzle according to the working environment, or the nozzle will be blocked due to sudden power failure and failure.

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