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Why do the prices of laser marking machines vary so much?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-04

When everyone purchases laser marking machines, whether it is a fiber laser marking machine, a co2 laser marking machine or an ultraviolet laser marking machine, the equipment introduced by various businesses can work normally The use and configuration are the same, but the brand is different. Because the most important thing in laser equipment is the difference in equipment price caused by the difference of the laser, the laser is a kind of particle conversion working medium that uses glass fiber with rare elements as a gain medium and forms a high power density in the special application of radio and television. , Finally, the so-called laser light source is formed through other working media. The range of this light source is very flamboyant, and it has great advantages in the application of metal and non-metal marking/welding/cutting, as well as industrial manufacturers.

There are many advantages that a good laser accessories can bring to laser equipment. Supports all with miniaturization and low cost; good optical fiber quality does not require strict position matching as crystal technology for the incoming light source, and can absorb photoelectricity evenly and automatically; the application of optical fiber also reduces the overall power consumption. , so the lower calorific value and loss and low-energy heat will not cause damage to anything; the output energy can be divided into more energy, and the coordinated line can be increased to carry out coordinated and concentrated work of multiple beams; for the environment The requirements are also lower, and the tolerance to dust and temperature can be used in a variety of environments; the high-quality conversion rate is also good enough for energy saving and cost use. The second is the scanning galvanometer, which is an excellent vector scanning device. It is a special oscillating motor. The basic principle is that the energized coil generates torque in the magnetic field. However, unlike the rotating motor, the rotor has a reset torque applied by mechanical springs or electronic methods. When the coil is supplied with a certain current and the rotor is deflected to a certain angle, the electromagnetic torque is equal to the restoring torque, so it cannot rotate like an ordinary motor, but can only deflect. The same, so the galvanometer is also called the galvanometer scanning galvanometer (galvanometric scanner). The professional term of scanning galvanometer is called high-speed scanning galvanometer Galvo scanning system. The so-called galvanometer can also be called ammeter. Its design idea completely follows the design method of ammeter. The lens replaces the needle, and the signal of the probe is replaced by the computer-controlled -5V-5V or -10V-+10V DC signal. , to complete the predetermined action. The same as the rotating mirror scanning system, this typical control system uses a pair of folding mirrors. The difference is that the stepper motor that drives the mirror is replaced by a servo motor. In this control system, the use of a position sensor And the design idea of u200bu200bnegative feedback loop further ensures the accuracy of the system, and the scanning speed and repeated positioning accuracy of the whole system reach a new level. The price difference between the quality of the galvanometer and the bad is not small.

Therefore, when everyone buys equipment, although the same name, the same name, but the price is different. Therefore, when purchasing equipment, especially laser equipment, you should not only listen to the reasons for price, but also understand from many aspects. Laser laser marking machine, Rizhao laser marking machine, Weihai laser marking machine are of high quality, reasonable price and in-place service. Welcome new and old customers to visit and buy!

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