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Why do you say with convenient optical fiber laser marking machine has more advantages than the traditional equipment?

by:LEAD TECH      2020-09-26

on the market at present there are a variety of laser marking machine equipment, the most common is the co2 laser marking machine ( Co2 laser marking machine) , optical fiber laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, desktop laser marking machine, 3 d laser marking machine, YAG laser marking machine, such as a variety of different types. The appearance of laser marking technology, the traditional marking equipment is facing out, as the user demand for marking way of changing, laser marking equipment has changed. Before we use laser marking equipment needs to be installed on the bracket to use, we now wei in the optical fiber is composed by the convenient type laser machine.

maybe many people for convenient type laser machine has such a wonder: how have a convenient type optical fiber laser marking machine marking effect? What is the range of it to be able to use? Convenient optical fiber laser marking machine with the ordinary optical fiber laser marking machine before what's the difference? Compared with the traditional marking equipment what significant advantage? In order to better solve these suspicions of users, with small make up to discuss what are the advantages?

one, portable optical fiber laser marking machine has easy to carry, easy maintenance, low cost of characteristics. From the name is not hard to find a convenient type is the existence of a more simple: traditional marking machine due to backward technology, there are many different kinds of matching accessories, large and complex system, too much data redundancy, low working efficiency, error often lead to the body weight of equipment, such as shape bloated huge disadvantage. In order to solve the problems existing in the traditional marking equipment, is the concept of portable marking machine, otherwise will not exist on the market of portable laser marking, laser technology products bring convenience, it is because that marking market product type more rich, more room for the user to select, the portable would become the future market demand of main product. In the future we will also launch other style of portable laser machine.

second, convenient optical fiber type laser marking also can realize accurate positioning, the effect is more delicate, design more real vivid and clear. Tradition is adopt the way of printing, single marking content and color, only black marking sequence code, date, such as simple font and content. As the market of new product new and user demand for the product marking effect, use effect of the laser marking technology to highlight out, and various industries and enterprises in the increasingly fierce market competition to grab their share, have to adopt new laser marking pattern implementation of commodity information accurately and hd marking, this is the new type of laser marking machine equipment technology bring benefits, and the way of traditional printing also can only from the shelves in the market. The effect of the portable laser marking machine, and the effect of ordinary laser marking machine is the same.

third, laser marking almost no maintenance, clean body, it is more convenient to maintain. Optical fiber, portable laser marking machine also USES the fiber laser has the advantages of simple structure, stable energy power, USES the air cooling device almost no maintenance. In welding process is almost no pollution ( Device itself does not produce task pollution, only by some welding material can produce dust) And convenient maintenance, low maintenance cost. With laser marking machine does not need to use any consumables, also don't have to worry about will produce harmful to the environment of the material existence. While using traditional way will consume large amounts of printing consumables and pollution to the air will be a high cost aside, gush out fine content is not enough precise, and red light positioning system, laser marking is used to according to the shape of the software construction precision carved out.

4, rub off fade of trouble can be avoided by using laser marking, whether it's convenient optical fiber laser marking machine or ordinary optical fiber laser marking machine is a permanent effect. Convenient and optical fiber laser marking machine technology parameters and the optical fiber laser marking is the same, can use the scope of the same, the only difference is the convenient type on the use of more convenient and quick, can reduce unnecessary installation steps. ( Ps: mainly used in metal products and some of the metal material is used, special circumstances can also achieve the effect of oxidation color black, dozen)

all in all, using the advantage of the convenient type of optical fiber laser marking machine is also a lot of, the existence of the optical fiber convenient type laser marking machine can reduce the users don't want to install, reduce the equipment installation of let users more convenient to use. If you want to buy can also consult our customer service, we can according to your actual demand to develop appropriate solutions, allows you to use and able to have a clear direction and not buy blindly.
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