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Why does the inkjet printer need to change the filter?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-08-03

Why does the cij printer need to change the filter?

Why do the cij printers need to change the filter? Most users use cij printers, but there is no concept of whether some parts of the inkjet printer need to be replaced regularly, which can easily lead to machine wear. Knowledge of printer filters:

To be clear, many users mistake the filter for an accessory. In fact, the filter of the printer is a consumable item. The filter is a device set on the ink pipe to ensure that the nozzle of the printer can normally eject ink lines. This ensures the normal operation of the printer.

The working principle of the small character inkjet printer is that the continuous inkjet technology principle determines that when the inkjet printer is working, the ink of the inkjet printer is recycled in the entire pipeline, and then re-enters the pipeline through the recovery port, and is recycled again. , and it is precisely the dust, water vapor and other impurities in the air during the ink recycling process that will enter the internal pipeline of the printer with the ink recovered from the pipeline. After a long time, these dust, impurities, water The steam will cause damage to the pipeline. In order to ensure the stable operation of the equipment, a filter device is installed at the beginning of the design of the printer to prevent these impurities from having a more serious impact on the product.

So the question is when do you need to change the filter?

The filter of the cij printer is mainly composed of three parts: the filter before the nozzle, the filter before the pump, and the main filter. Strictly speaking, the service life of the filter of the inkjet printer is 8,000 hours. In the normal production process, it is about one year. So, when do you need to change the filter? This is the need for our operators to carefully observe in the daily use process, whether the printer is running normally, such as whether there is a deviation of ink lines, abnormal equipment alarm, abnormal typing, etc. Tell us it's time to replace the filter.

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