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Why does the printer need to change the filter?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-27

Why does the printer need to change the filter? Many users have purchased cij printers but they have no idea whether some parts of the inkjet printer need to be replaced regularly, which leads to damage to the machine. Today, I will explain some knowledge about inkjet printer filters:

The filter is a device that filters out impurities that are not within the scope. It is a device installed on the ink pipe to ensure that the nozzle of the printer can eject the ink line normally. The normal operation of the printer.

Why does the printer need to replace the filter?

The working principle of the small character cij printer adopts the principle of continuous inkjet technology to determine that when the inkjet printer is working, the ink of the inkjet printer is recycled in the entire pipeline. Re-enter the pipeline through the recovery port for recycling again, and it is the dust, water vapor and other impurities in the air during the ink recovery process that will enter the internal tube of the printer along with the ink recovered in the pipeline. In the road, for a long time, these dust, impurities, and water vapor will cause damage to the pipeline. In order to ensure the stable operation of the equipment, the inkjet printer is equipped with a filter device at the beginning of the design to prevent these impurities from producing products. More serious effects.

So when does the problem arise, do I need to change the filter?

The cij printer filter is mainly composed of the nozzle front filter, the pump front filter, and the main filter. In a strict sense, the service life of the inkjet printer filter At 8000 hours, during the normal production process, it is about a year. Then, when do I need to change the filter? This is the need for our operators to carefully observe during daily use to see if the printer is operating normally, such as whether there is ink line deviation, equipment abnormal alarm, abnormal typing, etc., all tell us that we need to replace the filter.

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