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Why does the printing code appear blurry when using a laser printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-18

The laser printer can be used to mark various materials. Whether it is metal or non-metal products, laser printers can generate very clear fonts or patterns, and these marking times are long-lasting. It will not cause any damage to the product. Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. said that whether it is a space shuttle, mechanical equipment, or various electrical products and hardware used in small families, laser cij printers can be used for marking.

The marks made by laser printers are usually very clear, but why do some people find that the marks made by laser printers are very blurry? Regarding this point, let the technical staff of Factory Technology Co., Ltd. summarize it for us.

1. It may be that your laser printer has been used for a long time. The temperature of the laser head and the module is already very high. It cannot be cooled in time when working, which will affect the accuracy of machine marking. Therefore, it is recommended to equip the laser inkjet printer with a suitable laser water cooler whose cooling power must be greater than its heating power to ensure that the laser inkjet printer can be cooled in time.

2. Using the laser printer for too long may also cause damage to the components, such as damage to the lens or too much dust entering the laser printer, which can cause problems.

3. The focal length of the laser printer has changed, resulting in an offset. Of course, this can be re-adjusted. After the adjustment, the laser printing machine can work again.

Any machine used for a long time will have some problems more or less, which is inevitable. Therefore, when buying a laser printer, it is recommended that you first determine whether the manufacturer's after-sales service is fast, so that you can ensure a better after-sales service in the future.

Any machine used for a long time will have some problems more or less. Therefore, the Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. recommends that when purchasing a laser printer, determine the manufacturer's after-sales service to ensure better after-sales service in the later period.

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