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Why does the printing head of the packaging box production date jam? How to clean up?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-01

There are many classifications of cij printers, which are used in many industries, especially on the packaging boxes. We can see various production dates, which are used for better marking . There are many things to consider when printing the production date of the packaging box, such as the nozzle problem, we will find that the nozzle is clogged, so what is going on? How to deal with it better?

If the nozzles of the packaging box with the production date coded are clogged, it is mainly formed gradually during use. First of all, when the ink comes out of the nozzles, the pressure is still If it is relatively high, it will remain on the surface of the nozzle. When the machine is turned off, because the ink recovery is not in place, part of the ink is still left outside, which will cause clogging problems over time. In addition, in the process of long-term use, if there are unexpected power failures, power failures and other problems, there will also be some failures, which will affect the normal use of the nozzle.

In the process of actual use of the cij printer, regular cleaning is necessary, and the majority of customers should also have a comprehensive understanding during the process of use. When the cij printer is not injecting ink, the ink can directly enter the recycling tank, and then return to the ink tank. It must be inspected and cleaned up in time. Generally, cij printers also have an automatic cleaning mode, and you must check the nozzles in time to see if there is ink residue, etc., so as not to affect the long-term inkjet printing.

These are the use matters and requirements of the packaging box production date coding. In the actual operation and use, you must understand all aspects. It is necessary to clean the nozzles in time to support the long-term printing of the printer. Stable use.

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