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Why fiber laser marking machine is right for you

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-09

The use of laser marking has gradually increased over the past three decades, mainly due to its popularity as a marking medium and the growing understanding of laser machines. Its use has substantial advantages in the ability to identify product inventory and provide consumer product information. The variety of materials that can be marked using this method is also very flexible and suitable for commercial and industrial use. For the best results, choose the fiber laser marking machine that fits your business. How does laser marking work? Several types of laser marking machines exist, but the most advanced technology is the fiber laser. Widely regarded as the best option available, this laser machine uses fiber-pumping technology to 'dope' the fiber with rare-earth elements such as ytterbium. The use of this element increases the ability of the fiber to conduct the LED, which is then pumped through the fiber to the optical head. At this point, the beam expands to produce laser marking capabilities. The beam then marks the material using one of four methods:

Laser engraving Ablation or removal of a layer of material Carbon migration or etching of the surface of the material to change color Bonding You can use on a variety of materials Fiber laser marking, from different types of metals to leather and plastics. Metal types suitable for fiber laser engraving include platinum, stainless steel, silver, gold and bronze. Carbide, tungsten, copper, aluminum or medical grade alloys also respond well to fiber laser marking. Methods Using Laser Marking Fiber laser marking, also known as laser engraving, because of the surface pattern created by the ablation process, is used in a variety of applications, including: Medical Devices - Surgical equipment and other medical products that require frequent sterilization (usually in high temperature) using identification markings that can withstand the cleaning process without disturbing the patient's health. Jewelry Engraving - Creating unique marks to identify or mark jewelry items has become a popular trend for copyright protection and stolen property recovery. The precision of laser engraving is also used to personalize things like wedding bands and vows or a couple's wedding date. Laser Cutting - Laser cutting is also very popular in the jewelry industry. Light metal is used to create name cuts and monograms and other design cuts to give the product a more upscale look. Computer components such as printed circuit boards are marked using fiber laser marking machines to produce sharper, high-resolution images that are free of ink and acid for use in electronic components. If you are in the business of manufacturing or selling any of these products, then you need fiber laser marking equipment. This is just a small part of the fiber laser marker applications. Advantages of Fiber Laser Marking Fiber Laser Marking Machine Fiber laser marking technology has many advantages over other types of laser marking systems. Compared to other forms, the device is simple to use and inexpensive, in part because it requires less maintenance and eliminates any consumables. One of the benefits of using fiber optic markers is the smallest part replacement - the diodes have a significant lifespan, so you don't need to spend a lot of money on parts. When replacement is required, it can be done in the field without any laser calibration by professional technicians. The second is convenience. The air-cooled design is more convenient than models that use water cooling, and the quality of the laser beam is superior to most other types of laser markers. In terms of space requirements, the device has a very small footprint, which means you can place it almost anywhere and operate it without taking up valuable space. This makes it easier to integrate into assembly lines or small factories and workshops without reconfiguring entire production facilities. In general, fiber laser marking technology is more convenient, economical and practical than other types of marking machines.

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