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Why is holding a spurt the code machine can be widely used in food industry? - - - - - - Lattice - spurt the code machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-27
Careful consumers will find that almost all a barcode on food packaging, production date, and other basic information, this information is to use handheld devices to spurt the code machine spurts India. High quality handheld jet. the jet printed pattern and the writing is clear, no matter how small font stroke fuzzy won't happen. The following by manufacturer to introduce why holding a cij printer can be widely used in food industry. 1, won't make the quality of the food is damaged for food, its quality is very important, in the production of each link cannot let the pollution of food, otherwise, the food sold after will make the image of the enterprise. And carry a spurt the code machine in the process of use will not cause damage to packaging materials, so will not come into contact with food when printing, which can effectively guarantee the quality of the food safety. 2, high intelligent handheld spurt the code machine adopts the advanced idea, when the design can automatically identify the cartridge on the outside of the type of ink, and automatically determine suitable for the ink jet printing parameters, thus can reduce the operation steps of staff. As a result, not only can save the entire printing process time, but also can avoid some mistakes caused by manual operation. 3, can improve the quality of management usually includes the content of the food production shift, date, and bar code information, such as handheld spurt the cij printer will use the information after spray printing on food packaging materials, can not be on the wipes and modified, as a result, once have a batch of products appear problem, enterprise can according to the spray print, head of the information to trace responsibility, thus effectively improve the quality of enterprise management in production. This is why the handheld cij printer can be widely used in food industry. For enterprises to control good quality is the top priority in the process of production, while the use of high quality and durable handheld spurt the code machine can help enterprises to improve the quality of management, brand and also the effective protection of food production, so all food companies are willing to use handheld spurt the cij printer.
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