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Why is it recommended to use a laser printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-30

The scope of application of today's identification technology is gradually expanding and reaching more industries. Marking and coding in many industries, such as industry, food, packaging, etc., has become an indispensable and important part of the production of various industries. Use the cij industrial inkjet printer to print the logo, you can obtain the required content according to the actual needs, and the laser printing machine can be used for the logo printing.

Laser coding is a new type of marking application technology, which uses software to deflect the laser beam and directly burns the surface of the product to be marked with the high temperature of the laser to form numbers, fonts or patterns. What is good about laser coding? Why recommend such coding equipment? Compared with cij printers, laser coding does not require ink and solvent addition, the nozzles of the equipment will not be clogged, and the coding efficiency is faster. This is to directly reduce consumables, reduce the production cost of the enterprise, and improve the production efficiency, which is beneficial to the enterprise. In addition, the use of laser printers can record and track products, and print out the batch number, production date, shift and other information of the product, which can ensure that any product has good tracking performance.

Of course, the ink jet industrial inkjet printer can also trace the source of the product, but the anti-counterfeiting effect is not as good as laser jet coding. The application of laser coding technology is capable of printing high-definition coding markings with a long retention period, and there will be no unrecognizable problems caused by the markings falling off. The anti-counterfeiting effect is good, and it can play a certain role in restraining the counterfeiting of enterprise product identification. More importantly, laser coding does not produce chemical substances harmful to the environment and the human body. The laser coding machine is safe and environmentally friendly, and it is a device worth using.

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